All About Japanese Maple Trees

Cultural Care and How to Select and Grow Japanese Maple Trees

Japanese maple trees are considered to be the focal point of many landscapes and gardens. No other landscape plant or tree species compares in admiration or value. Japanese maple trees become more attractive with age as their value increases.

Although often considered hard to grow, in reality Japanese maples perform very well in most gardens, providing a few simple rules are followed. I will share with you these so-called “secrets” so you can be successful growing one or many Japanese maple trees in your landscape or garden.

From the time I was six years old, Japanese maples became my favorite tree. We moved into a home in Michigan with a small Japanese maple tree planted in the front yard. I watched that tree grow throughout my young life and everyone that saw it admired its beauty. I now live in Oklahoma where Japanese maples struggle in this climate, but when planted in the right location and given some attention, they can do just fine.

Living rather close to several other very large nurseries, I also get the ability to discuss Japanese maples with other professional enthusiasts in the trade. I'm excited about several new and interesting varieties that are being researched and trialed, and hopefully some will be introduced in the near future. Oklahoma has a very nice Japanese maple garden, Lendonwood Gardens, developed by Dr. Miller in Grove, Oklahoma. Noted for its extensive collection of Japanese maples and other species, Dr. Miller is an authority on successfully growing Japanese maples in southern state gardens. 

I have put together this website specifically about Japanese maple trees in hope that anyone considering adding one of these beauties to their landscape or garden will have all the information needed to choose the correct Japanese maple for their conditions, and providing the proper care for it.

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You will learn:

 Choosing a Japanese maple tree for your zone. See our Japanese Maple Zone Chart

 Selecting a Japanese maple tree, Laceleaf or Palmatum.

Choosing a proper planting location

How to plant Japanese maple trees

How to prune Japanese maple trees

Fertilizing Japanese maple trees

Transplanting Tips

Buying Japanese maple trees

Value of mature Japanese maple trees

If you have any questions regarding Japanese maple trees not already discussed on this site, feel free to contact me via email, and I will be happy to answer your questions.